Dont think this is workable. If the local environment is non-standard, requiring your own solution, then where would you store the binary? And how would you inform future users sufficiently about the local environment for them to access the binary.

Besides for most binaries, it is not really a time or space issue to create the binary locally.

Mind you, the mindset for a unix person is different to a Windows person. There is a form of linux - gentoo - in which everything is compiled from scratch. In windows, compilation of modules is extremely rare.


John M. Dlugosz wrote:
Richard Hainsworth |Perl 6| wrote:

Once a module has been decided on, you look to see if there is a binary that matches your internal environment. If not, you have to roll your own from source.

Why not have it generate the binary for you, and safe it for future users? It can cross-compile things if needed, or draw upon a network of different kinds of machines that are registered to allow that. Something similar is used for testing modules, right?


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