John M. Dlugosz wrote:
The front-end should figure out which binary is proper for your platform.

I don't like that idea in the slightest. (1) It is not Perl's job to know if you have a C compiler, C libraries and tool chain. (2) If my computer can handle Perl, C and Parrot, I want the choice of what to install. (3) That includes the possibility of installing more than one module. It is perfectly legitimate to install three implementations of SHA (one in C, one in Parrot and one in pure Perl). This last one means that there has to be a way to tell Perl which of the Digest::SHA modules I want to use for this particular program.

Suppose I want to install three versions of SHA. One in C, one in Perl, one in Parrot. I need a way to specify in the "use" statement which one I want.


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