I haven't gotten deep into the shape/array specs and I need to... nonetheless

On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 9:55 AM, Larry Wall <la...@wall.org> wrote:
> I don't see why we shouldn't use the capture shape of the value
> by default all the time, and do linear reshaping only if the value
> comes in as a flat list.

This highlights an edge case- in my mind at least, a "flat list" has a
different shape from a one-row array. shape(*) or shape() vs
shape(*;0)? Given the above, linear reshaping should not happen when
given an explicitly-1D-shaped array on the right hand side, and that's
something that should be spelled out and included in the spec tests.
Or spell out the contradiction if I guessed wrong!

>We've gone to some pains to allow ephemeral
> shaping of values through captures, and it seems like it's good error
> checking to check the shape of the value against the shape of the
> container unless explicitly defeated.
> That is to say, if you erase the capture shape by putting the value
> into list context, it linearizes it, and then the container knows
> to reshape.  Otherwise the container attempts to use the value slicily.

I like this, though my comprehension is currently rather primitive.

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