On Sun Jun 21 12:05:11 2009, moritz wrote:
> 21:03 <@moritz_> rakudo: my @a = 1, 2, 4; sub f($a) { say $a };
> f(|@a[*-1..*-1])
> 21:03 < p6eval> rakudo 1b06df: OUTPUT«argument doesn't array␤in sub f
>                 (/tmp/2x4tmnOO68:1)␤called from Main (/tmp/2x4tmnOO68:2)␤»

I investigated a bit more, and found that @a[*-1..*-1] just gives 4, and
f(|4) results in the same error message. So while the current behaviour
is not very dwimmy, it is at least somewhat understandable.

What's the opinion of the p6l people? Should |@a[1..1] work? even at the
cost of allowing |1 not to be an error?


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