On Fri, Jul 03, 2009 at 09:40:12AM +0200, TSa wrote:
> I see. But I wouldn't make that an exception but ^^ returns a tristate
> value instead of boolean. The third state besides True and False is
> TooMany that evaluates to False in boolean context. But ^^ can react
> to it as you describe. That solves the associativity problem, indeed.
> Hmm, perhaps a TooFew value is nice as well. Then one can use that to
> switch over the xor:
>    given $x ^^ $y ^^ $z
>    {
>        when TooMany {...}
>        when TooFew {...}
>        when True {...}
>    }
> A nicer set of return values would be Many, One and Zero. Numeric values
> could be Many = -1, One = 1 and Zero = 0, so that they numerify nicely.
> So can we write that into the spec?

I suspect that boolean operators should stay boolean operators,
and counting should usually be done with normal integers.  In
other words, this is too much mechanism for too little payback.


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