Going back to the original question...

Ovid wrote:
It needs the timed fuse() from a Bomb role and a non-lethal explode() from a 
Spouse role, though each role provides both methods.
I'm curious...

1) How often do you in real life find yourself needing to do things like this in real life? This is a sort of strained, if amusing, example. :-)

2) A lot of me wonders if a need to exclude a method from a role is a hint that the role does too many things and should be decomposed into smaller pieces, such that it can be applied in a more "granular" way?

I'm curious to hear the experiences of Ovid and others working with roles a lot too. Is this a serious lacking in Perl 6's roles as currently specified, or something that, in being absent, makes people consider their design more? Knowing that will influence the solution we choose, which has options ranging from, "yes, make a neat syntax for it" through "leave it out of the core, and if people want it enough it can be a CPAN module".



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