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Hastings<austin_hasti...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Mark J. Reed wrote:
>> I'm all for not having any variety of log() in the default namespace.
>> Regardless, mathematical functions should follow mathematical norms.
>> Changing Perl tradition is one thing, but we have centuries, sometimes
>> millennia, of tradition to deal with in the mathematical realm.  It
>> should not be violated lightly.
> That's okay. Preserve their thousands of years of historical legacy. Just
> preserve it in a separate container.
> #! /usr/bin/perl6
> say(log(1000, 10));   # Error - no such function "log"
> use Math::Simple;
> say(log(1000, 10)); # 2.9999999...

Ugh; no thanks.

However, it occurs to me that when you log messages, you should
specify where you're logging them as well as what they are.  log(Str)
might lead to ambiguous results; but IO.log(Str) should be pretty

But maybe I'm not understanding what people are wanting out of message

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