Em Dom, 2009-07-12 às 22:51 +0200, Moritz Lenz escreveu:
> I setting of OUTER::$/ considered syntactic sugar?
> I don't care either way, I'd just like some clarification so that I can
> write tests and submit tickets (if appropriate).

As far as I remember, it's not really OUTER::$/, but each routine
implicitly declare

 my $/ is context<rw>;
 my $! is context<rw>;

so what happens inside m// or s/// is that inside that it should look
for $*/, as well as the process of failing should look for $*!. This
also has the advantage of:

   'abc' ~~ /abc/;
   say $/; # prints abc
     my $/ is context<rw>;
     'bcd' ~~ /bcd';
     say $/; # prints bcd;
   say $/; # still prints abc;

I'm pretty sure that was just said by TimToady on IRC a lot of time ago
and no spec actually defines it.

That being said, I don't think there's a reason for .match and .subst
not to look and set $*/.


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