On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 06:46:34PM +0100, smuj wrote:
> Although I can see some minimal uses for embedded comments, I think in  
> general the cost/benefit ratio isn't enough to warrant their existence.  
> I could be wrong of course! :-) I'd like to know if anyone has made much  
> use of them in their code, and under what circumstances.

I've used embedded comments a number of times (especially in examples)
and found them to be incredibly useful.  I'd be sad to see them disappear.

I'd be fine with the ##(embedded comment solution) approach (doubling
the #'s), but it's much less visually appealing to me.  I think I'd 
prefer to see a doubling of the bracketing chars instead of doubling 
the #'s -- the # is visually a "heavy" glyph and I'd prefer 
something a bit lighter.

    #((embedded comment))
    #{{embedded comment}}


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