raiph (>), Larry (>>):
>> Rakudo Zengi would be the most (in)appropriate, I think.
> Why do I get the sense that some in the community are suffering siege
> mentality? ;)
> I had thought of things like Zen, Zero, Catalyst, etc.
> But I love * | Star | Whatever. I love:
>  o  The word Star, regardless of its connection with Perl 6.
>  o  Insider reference to a cool feature of Perl 6.
>  o  Rakudo* as an alternate that invites footnote-fu.
>  o  Evoking "whatever works" instead of all of Perl 6.0.0.
>  o  Evoking "whatever" to invite ongoing definition of what it is.
> This latter point is the most exciting for me. "What is Rakudo Star?
> Well, it's..."
> I would love to see this meme encouraged, the notion that we all get
> to continuously (re)define just what Rakudo Star is.

Seconded. Well put.

// Carl

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