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Richard Hainsworth wrote:
Would it be possible to remove the special purpose of \ from strings within IO constructs?

This would mean '\' could be used in naming paths as an alternative to '/', thus allowing windows and unix strings to be equivalent, eg. IO(:path<<{$root-path}/data/new>>) would be equivalent to IO(:path<<{$root-path}\data\new>>)

The usefulness would be most evident for sub-directories as windows and unix have different ways of describing root, viz. 'C:\' versus '/'

I see problems with this considering that \ is quite universally recognized in Perl (and many other languages) as meaning an escape character, and that moreover you generally need to be able to escape characters in any context building a string.

Considering, though, that we're talking about a magic perl quoting syntax, we could offer people the option of the following two:

q:io{C:\Windows} # Does what you want
q:io:qq:{C:\\Windows} # Does the same thing

        Wouldn't that cover the bases pretty well?


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