Should there not be a way to define object constructors with custom signatures that can be usefully invoked like a normal constructor?

Currently, defining a BUILD method for a class with a specific signature doesn't seem to allow for the object to be invoked by new with that signature and be correctly passed to the right BUILD method. It seems a whole chain of new -> bless -> BUILDALL -> BUILD would need to be defined with specific signatures just to get a custom constructor.

Two possible thoughts on how to achieve this were put forth in the #perl6 discussion. One, auto build the chain on definition of a BUILD method, which was thought be some to be a bit too magical (me included, even though it was my suggestion at first). Alternatively, pass the capture of arguments as supplied by new down the chain of initialization methods so any that were defined as multi's can be called correctly by multiple dispatch at the correct point.

I'm aware there's a default constructor that allows named parameters to be set, but I think the usefulness of allowing specific constructors that take defined parameters and initialize the object as needed should not be overlooked. E.g.
    my DateModule $d .= new('2007-03-12');

Relevant bits of #perl6 discussion copied below:

(2009-08-19 11:47:49) Kentrak: Q re: object initialization in p6; Should defining a BUILD with a non standard signature imply an implicit declaration of new with the same signature?
(2009-08-19 11:48:05) moritz_: KyleHa: no
(2009-08-19 11:48:23) moritz_: erm sorry, meant Kentrak
(2009-08-19 11:48:26) moritz_: tab fail :/
(2009-08-19 11:48:35) moritz_: Kentrak: it's a nice idea, but it seems like too much magic to me (2009-08-19 11:48:50) Kentrak: moritz_: I'm aware it doesn't currently, but it seems like it really makes sense
(2009-08-19 11:48:59) Kentrak: moritz_: in a DWIMmy sort of way
(2009-08-19 11:49:28) moritz_: Kentrak: right, but I don't see how it fits in the current system without defining a huge exception (2009-08-19 11:49:29) r0bby left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)). (2009-08-19 11:49:34) r0bby [n=wakaw...@guifications/user/r0bby] entered the room.
(2009-08-19 11:49:43) __ash__: jnthn:
(2009-08-19 11:49:51) Kentrak: moritz_: it seems I need to define a new() AND a BUILD() with matching signatures just to get the initialization syntax I want, soI might as well use new(), but then I have to cless...
(2009-08-19 11:49:52) moritz_: anyway, I'll think about it
(2009-08-19 11:50:02) Kentrak: err, bless
(2009-08-19 11:50:15) moritz_: Kentrak: no, new() is enough, no need for another BUILD
mofino molaf moritz_
mofino molaf moritz_
(2009-08-19 11:50:52) moritz_: well, maybe we could have a new() with slurpy positional arguments (2009-08-19 11:50:55) masak: I override new() when I want magic parameter handling, and BUILD when I want non-standard object initialization. (2009-08-19 11:50:56) japhb: moritz_, What are your rules of thumb for when to use the various ways (implicit and explicit) to define constructors?
(2009-08-19 11:51:13) masak: #p6s in 10, by the way.
(2009-08-19 11:51:28) dalek: rakudo: 5a85869 | pmichaud++ | docs/announce/2009-08:
(2009-08-19 11:51:28) dalek: rakudo: Small fix to release announcement.
(2009-08-19 11:51:28) dalek: rakudo: review: (2009-08-19 11:51:31) moritz_: and have it try to dispatch to a BUILD method, and fail if there's no matching one
(2009-08-19 11:51:37) jnthn: __ash__: OK, looks sane.
(2009-08-19 11:51:41) jnthn: __ash__: Two questions
(2009-08-19 11:51:42) Kentrak: moritz_: so if I want to add initializer methods to support something like my DateModule $d .= new('2007-03-12'); then I have to define new() submethods and use bless like in p5? (2009-08-19 11:51:47) jnthn: 1) Does it make what you wanted to work actually work? (2009-08-19 11:51:51) moritz_: japhb: sorry, I'm involved in too many things at a time, maybe I'll blog later about it
(2009-08-19 11:51:55) jnthn: 2) Does it still pass the spectests? :-)
(2009-08-19 11:51:58) japhb: moritz_, nod
(2009-08-19 11:52:11) masak: Kentrak: basically, yes.
(2009-08-19 11:52:12) moritz_: Kentrak: roughly, yes
(2009-08-19 11:52:37) jnthn: Kentrak: You'll generally want new to be method, not submethod, though. (2009-08-19 11:52:39) Kentrak: moritz_: actually, I assumed new() calls BUILD(), does it? If it does, can't we just pass the same sig to BUILD after blessing? (2009-08-19 11:52:43) masak: Kentrak: .CREATE and .bless is how you create objects in Perl 6. (2009-08-19 11:53:04) masak: Kentrak: I think .bless calls BUILDALL, which calls BUILD.
(2009-08-19 11:53:10) jnthn: .bless will trigger...yes, what masak said.
(2009-08-19 11:53:17) moritz_: pmichaud: funny, I had the exact same fixes, byte by byte ;-) (2009-08-19 11:53:18) Kentrak: masak: Hmm, I'm finding the Object synopsis to be very lean on what the special methods are and how they are to be used. (2009-08-19 11:53:32) japhb: To me, Kentrak's example looks like a coersion, rather than a normal constructor.
(2009-08-19 11:53:32) masak: Kentrak: I can sympathise with that.
(2009-08-19 11:53:45) masak: Kentrak: I had to figure it out over a period of weeks! (2009-08-19 11:53:55) moritz_: Kentrak: the problem is propagating the signature of BUILD to the signature of new(), which is defined in Object
(2009-08-19 11:54:00) moritz_: but barring that, I like the idea.
(2009-08-19 11:54:09) jnthn: tbh the spec is kinda non-ideal as a learning resource on this stuff.
(2009-08-19 11:54:19) jnthn: We could do with better docs on it.
(2009-08-19 11:54:23) masak: japhb: it could be either a constructor or a coercion, by me. depends. (2009-08-19 11:54:33) __ash__: jnthn: yeah, it does, in the cases i have test, and i ran the spectest but i kinda forgot to run it before and after the changes to see if there are any differences in the number of spec's past, i do know that there are some specs in S12-class/ something... (2009-08-19 11:54:41) Kentrak: moritz_: Hmm, I thought it would be the other way around, but then again I haven't seen anything definitive showing how the special methods all relate (2009-08-19 11:54:46) __ash__: that do work now, they had a rakudo specific thing to avoid them
(2009-08-19 11:55:02) r0bby left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
(2009-08-19 11:55:02) moritz_: Kentrak: new() calls bless, CREATE and BUILDALL (2009-08-19 11:55:06) r0bby [n=wakaw...@guifications/user/r0bby] entered the room. (2009-08-19 11:55:16) moritz_: Kentrak: and BUILDALL calls each class'es BUILD (2009-08-19 11:55:37) diakopter left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)). (2009-08-19 11:55:48) Kentrak: jnthn: Well, having read through the first 4 so far, I think they work rather well for someone who's already versed in the ideas they propagate. Laters ones may be less ideal though. (2009-08-19 11:55:54) TimToady left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)). (2009-08-19 11:55:56) jnthn: (austrian railways)++ # ich hab mein vorteils card! :D (2009-08-19 11:56:28) jnthn: Kentrak: I meant in this specific aspect (object construction) rather than in general.
(2009-08-19 11:56:47) Kentrak: jnthn: Then yes, I totally agree ;)
(2009-08-19 11:56:47) DakeDesu is now known as KatrinaTheLamia
(2009-08-19 11:56:53) jnthn: __ash__: OK, it sounds good then.
(2009-08-19 11:57:07) __ash__: its, S12-class/inheritance.t
(2009-08-19 11:57:27) moritz_: it seems that dumpiing match objects to SVG is non-trivial (2009-08-19 11:57:29) __ash__: there are 2 tests that are skipped, my changes fix them (2009-08-19 11:58:08) japhb: Kentrak, it looks like the relevant implementation is in Rakudo's src/classes/Object.pir , line 272 and following. (2009-08-19 11:59:15) Kentrak: moritz_: Is there anything preventing the passing of the signature from new along to each method that's called in turn? Or are they called with different params?
(2009-08-19 11:59:49) sjohnson: afternoon
(2009-08-19 11:59:52) justatheory left the room (quit: ).
(2009-08-19 12:00:06) moritz_: Kentrak: signatures usually aren't passed along, they are static.
(2009-08-19 12:00:07) masak: moritz_: non-trivial in what way?
(2009-08-19 12:00:32) moritz_: Kentrak: the problem is BUILD needs to pass the information to new(), but they are called in reverse order (2009-08-19 12:00:37) r0bby left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)). (2009-08-19 12:00:41) r0bby [n=wakaw...@guifications/user/r0bby] entered the room. (2009-08-19 12:01:03) moritz_: masak: getting a good layout seems non-trivial
(2009-08-19 12:01:21) masak: I can believe that.
(2009-08-19 12:01:36) Kentrak: moritz_: Does it? If new just calls BUILDALL with the right capture (that's the sig, right?), and BUILDALL just calls BUILD with the right capture, then the correct BUILD will eventually be invoked due to multiple dispatch, right?
(2009-08-19 12:01:37) moritz_: maybe my approach is silly
(2009-08-19 12:01:58) moritz_: Kentrak: yes. But what signature does new() have? (2009-08-19 12:02:28) moritz_: Kentrak: maybe there's a simple solution that I just don't see right now, I'm doing way too many things at once
(2009-08-19 12:02:39) moritz_: Kentrak: so please don't feel discouraged
(2009-08-19 12:02:51) moritz_: Kentrak: actually I'd recommend bringing it up on perl6-language (2009-08-19 12:03:20) molaf left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(2009-08-19 12:03:48) jnthn: __ash__: OK, submit the patch! :-)
(2009-08-19 12:03:51) jnthn: __ash__++
(2009-08-19 12:03:55) tak11 [] entered the room. (2009-08-19 12:04:03) Kentrak: moritz_: a generic slurpy one? I guess I'm assuming the parameters could be used and matched to a signature. That seemed one of the puproses of clusures when reading the low specs
(2009-08-19 12:04:13) Kentrak: moritz_: thanks, I think I will
(2009-08-19 12:04:15) __ash__: where would i submit it to?
(2009-08-19 12:04:46) moritz_: __ash__:
(2009-08-19 12:04:51) moritz_: (with a [PATCH] subject)
(2009-08-19 12:04:57) moritz_: Kentrak: yes, a slurpy might work
(2009-08-19 12:05:21) jnthn: Kentrak: The signature for new takes named args and proto-objects.
(2009-08-19 12:05:29) jnthn: It passes the relevant bits to each BUILD.
(2009-08-19 12:05:42) moritz_: jnthn: right now, yes. We were discussing possible enhancements (2009-08-19 12:06:09) __ash__: do i need anything else in the subject other than [PATCH]? and is it an attachment or the contents in the email? (2009-08-19 12:06:11) r0bby left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)). (2009-08-19 12:06:16) r0bby [n=wakaw...@guifications/user/r0bby] entered the room. (2009-08-19 12:06:30) masak: Kentrak: only the other day, I found out that you can easily create a new() multimethod which does delegation using callsame(|$args) or nextsame(|$args). that might be what you want. (2009-08-19 12:06:36) Kentrak: jnthn: yes, aware of that, looking for a way to not have to redefine multiple pieces to accomplish what I think should be a simple feat, defining an initializer with custom params


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