Dare I suggest TAIME? I do.

On 9/9/09, Richard Hainsworth <rich...@rusrating.ru> wrote:
> Carl Mäsak wrote:
>> Darren (>), commit-bot (>>):
>>>> +Returns a TAI epoch value for the current time.
>>> Shouldn't the result type of time() be an "Instant" object (Instant and
>>> Duration are defined in S02) rather than a "Rat"?
>> I fear that the "Instant" from S02 is a fossil. "Instant" was renamed
>> by Dave Rolsky to "DateTime" on 2009-02-19.
> There was fairly extensive discussion. My recollection was that
> 'Instant' and 'Duration' were preferred.
> The problem arises because in English the word 'instant' can be several
> parts of speech (noun - 'in an instant', adjective - 'instant coffee'),
> and that the adjective is the most common. DateTime is uglier.
> I cant remember whether there was a definitive resolution to this
> discussion, other than Dave Rolsky changing the spec and the discussion
> fading into other questions.
> Since a TAI epoch value is the underlying metric, how about a 'TAI' as
> the type (in place of DateTime)?
> Richard

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