Darren Duncan wrote:

> So another proposal I have is to add to the slideshow mentions of the
> Enlightened and Modern Perl movements and where one can go to read more,
> this being supplemental to PBP.

With that suggestion I'd whole-heartedly concur.

> My own opinion is that the modern best way to use inside-out objects is in
> combination with Moose, as the physical representation used for objects
> behind the scenes, rather than each user class having direct package
> lexicals like %foo_attr and %bar_attr.

No doubt that's a best-of-both-worlds solution...for those who can handle it.
I guess my point is simply that not everyone can handle it. Just as not
everyone could handle raw inside-out techniques, which is why Class::Std
was written in the first place.

But, as you say, this is now far off-topic, so let's leave it at that.


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