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On another tangent, since I'm not sure that Blob literals have been defined
in Perl 6 yet, I suggest something that combines aspects of numeric and
character string literals, meaning a radix prefix plus string quotes; for



So what about custom delimiters?


Well, sure, if its useful; the idea is to amalgam numeric and Str syntax. However, because a Blob literal presumably just has 0..9,A-Z,_ characters in its payload, one of the main uses of custom delimiter flexibility, which is avoiding conflicts with payload elements, isn't necessary.

-As with C<Hash> types, C<Pair> and C<Mapping> are mutable in their
+As with C<Hash> types, C<Pair> and C<PairSet> are mutable in their
 values but not in their keys.  (A key can be a reference to a mutable
 object, but cannot change its C<.WHICH> identity.  In contrast,
 the value may be rebound to a different object, just as a hash
 element may.)
So given that PairSet is mutable as a whole (while PairValSet is immutable),
can you please clarify the difference between PairSet and Hash, both of
which have immutable keys and mutable values?

Back when it was Mapping, I was under the impression that the
difference involved whether or not the component Pairs were ordered -
that is, a Mapping was Positional as well as Associative.  I could be

I was never under the assumption that Mapping was Positional; it was an immutable Hash essentially, and both were associative not ordered. So Mapping was renamed to PairValSet, and PairSet was added as a mutable alternative, hence how the latter differs from Hash is the question. I think only Capture et al are both associative and ordered. If you want an ordered list of Pair, I don't think that has its own type otherwise, but you can parameterize one from Seq/Array/etc.

-- Darren Duncan

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