Look into Wt:

Aside from Catalyst, Symfony and RoR look pretty good too.

Let me know how I can help with

I'll have to dust off the C/C++ cobwebs and get my hands dirty though since, I've been mostly concentrating in web development with Perl/PHP (Catalyst/Symfony) and currently eyeing Ruby (though the lack of C like syntax putting me off).


On Sep 18, 2009, at 6:00 AM, Carl Mäsak wrote:

Juan (>):
I'll take a look at and see  I can get involved.

You're very welcome to help. We definitely need more contributors, and
I'm currently thinking about ways to delegate work.

Grab me on #perl6, or by email. There's also sporadic discussion of going on at #november-wiki.

Would be
interesting to see if Catalyst is being ported over as well.

We're aiming for something very much like Catalyst. I'm reading up on
Catalyst; I bought the book and all. Regularly talking to mst on
#catalyst, who is supportive of a port and has some information about
which traps not to fall into.

I'm also casting my net wide and looking at a dozen other similar
frameworks in different languages. Partly to give me the required
background, and partly to make sure we actually steal as many good
ideas as possible, just as Perl 6 itself does.

I see Perl 6 really taking off if the tools for server side scripting/web
get revamped to take on PHP's and Ruby's in terms of ease of use and

I salute you, sir. We're on the same page. The level of simplicity
we're aiming for is "ridiculously simple", also known as "I pushed the
button, and it just worked!".

Perl 5/mod_perl2 aren't that easy to administer from a shared hosting
and takes some work to get going properly, find the right modules etc...

Perhaps there should be a version of Perl tailored for the web with built in
features or maybe an
include/explicit option to load a specific set of language features.

There's been talk about that. If we're really diligent, we might have
such a distribution ready for April, shipped with cool use cases and

// Carl

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