Come, let us hasten to a higher plane
      Where dyads tread the fairy fields of Venn,
      Their indices bedecked from one to ''n''
      Commingled in an endless Markov chain!

      I'll grant thee random access to my heart,
      Thou'lt tell me all the constants of thy love;
      And so we two shall all love's lemmas prove,
      And in our bound partition never part.

      Cancel me not — for what then shall remain?
      Abscissas some mantissas, modules, modes,
      A root or two, a torus and a node:
      The inverse of my verse, a null domain.

   -- Stanisław Lem, Love and Tensor Algebra

On behalf of the entire Parrot team, I'm proud to announce Parrot
1.7.0 "African Grey." Parrot is
a virtual machine aimed at running all dynamic languages.

Parrot 1.7.0 is available on Parrot's FTP site [0], or you can follow
the download
instructions on our website.  For those who would like to develop on
Parrot, or help
develop Parrot itself, you can check out the latest and best source
code with Subversion:

svn co parrot

For the most recent list of languages that target Parrot and their
status, consult the Parrot Trac Wiki [2].

[0] -
[1] -
[2] -

New in 1.7.0:

- Functionality
 + Parrot_capture_lex has been added to the PARROT_EXPORT API
 + PARROT_MAX_ARGS has been increased from 8 to 16 to allow for
   ops that take more than 8 args
- Performance
 + The profiling runcore now caches metadata for improved performance
- Maintenance and cleanup
  + Expanded the Parrot debugger documentation
  + Parrot debugger now uses the new Parrot STRING API
  + Continue to port rest of internals to use the STRING API
- Deprecations
 + The JIT subsystem has been removed and is being written from the
   ground up. More information can be found at
 + Implicit optional named parameters (eligible in 2.1)
 + Continuation-based ExceptionHandlers (eligible in 2.1)
 + Use of undocumented variables in class_init (eligible in 2.1)
 + Parrot_oo_get_namespace (eligible in 2.1)
- Bugfix
  + Improved line number tracking in IMCC
- Tests
  + Converted many more Perl 5 tests to PIR
  + Expanded test coverage of the CallSignature, Namespace, FixedPMCArray,
    ResizeableIntegerArray and ExceptionHandler PMCs

Happy Hacking!


Jonathan Leto

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