I was reading over S19 and had a few questions.

1) The colon delimiter (":name") is specified but no options are declared to
use it specifically. It's not clear why we would need this delimiter on top
of the other more popular delimiters. Are the long form (double dash), meta
syntax form (double plus), and short form (single dash) delimiters

2) The format for negative boolean options ("--/name" and "-/n" but not
"++/NAME") seems fairly non-standard in Unix AFAIK. This strikes me as a bit
awkward and I have been pondering if there is anything better. Maybe all
boolean options should default to false, making this format unnecessary?

3) Why have --verbose-config and not just --verbose?

4) The default is to always enable warnings (similar to the deprecated -w).
I would imagine warnings should be enabled, not disabled, similar to perl5,
GCC, python, and lots of other compilers/interpreters.

-Jason "s1n" Switzer

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