Darren (>):
> I was studying the synopsis today for how Perl 6 uses infinities, and among
> the 48 occurrences of "[|-|+]Inf" in the synopsis, I noticed that in some
> places you seemed to use "+Inf" to mean positive infinity and other places
> you just say "Inf".
> So are there just 2 canonical infinity values, "-Inf" (negative infinity)
> and "+Inf" (positive infinity) or is plain "Inf" a third one?  Or is "Inf"
> the same value as "+Inf"?

I strongly suspect the latter.

> If "+Inf" and "Inf" are the same value, then I recommend just using one of
> those literals for all occurrences, for consistency.

I'm not sure I agree that consistency is that important here. Casting
a quick glance at the 'ack' results, I see that "+Inf" is most often
used in symmetric contrast to "-Inf", and just "Inf" is used in ranges
and as the result of some overflowing computations. I think that makes
more sense than forcing the usage of one or the other.

// Carl

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