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> How about
> multi sub foo(Any $name) { die "Houston, we have a major
> malfunction."}

Looks like tha would work, but it forces the developer to remember to write 
this extra code every time they may have a constraint failure, if they forget, 
we're back to the old, cryptic message.  It would be much nicer to be able to 
do this (psuedo-code, obviouly):

  subset Filename of Str where { $_ ~~ :f } 
    :OnFail { "No such file: '$_'" }
  subset Celsius  of Num where { $_ >= -273.15 }
    :OnFail { "Celsius temperature should be a Num >= -273.15, not '$_' " }

With something akin to that, developers won't have to write extra boilerplate 
every time a constraint fails.  Plus, the code is friendlier :)

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