Author: Darren_Duncan
Date: 2010-01-18 01:37:14 +0100 (Mon, 18 Jan 2010)
New Revision: 29552

S02 : Blob does Stringy, or something similar

Modified: docs/Perl6/Spec/S02-bits.pod
--- docs/Perl6/Spec/S02-bits.pod        2010-01-17 15:40:08 UTC (rev 29551)
+++ docs/Perl6/Spec/S02-bits.pod        2010-01-18 00:37:14 UTC (rev 29552)
@@ -1212,11 +1212,23 @@
     Parcel      Positional
     Capture     Positional Associative
-    Blob        
+    Blob        Stringy
     Instant     Real
     Duration    Real
     HardRoutine Routine
+[Conjecture:  C<Stringy> may best be split into 2 roles where both C<Str>
+and C<Blob> compose the more general one and just C<Str> composes a less
+general one.  The more general of those would apply to what is common to
+any dense sequence ("string") that C<Str> and C<Blob> both are (either of
+characters or bits or integers etc), and the string operators like
+catenation (C<~>) and replication (C<x>, C<xx>) would be part of the more
+general role.  The more specific role would apply to C<Str> but not C<Blob>
+and includes any specific operators that are specific to I<characters> and
+don't apply to bits or integers etc.  The other alternative is to more
+clearly distance character strings from bit strings, keeping C<~>/etc for
+character strings only and adding an analogy for bit strings.]
 =head2 Mutable types
 Objects with these types have distinct C<.WHICH> values that do not change

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