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>  The methods in this role are:
>  =head2 method get {...}
> -Returns the next item for that iteration. The grouping of elements
> -returned in each iteration is visible if this iterator is being used
> -to build a slice. While building a list, the items will be flattened.
> +Used to iterator over a flat list (the context supplied by a slurpy binding).

^^^ typo; should be "Used to iterate."

> +Returns the next element from the iterator after flattening any leading 
> parcel.
> -When it runs out of items, it will fail with the C<EMPTY> exception.
> +When it runs out of elements, it will fail with the C<EMPTY> exception.
>  As with most failures, it is generally returned without throwing it,
>  unless the calling lexical scope requests it to be thrown via "use fatal".

A few too many "it"s with different antecedents there.  Might want to
toss in a noun or two.

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