John Gabriele wrote:
> Personally, I've always thought that Perl has a very natural feel to
> it, and deserves a doc markup format that's also natural: [Markdown]
> (and [Pandoc]'s Markdown has just the right additions, IMO).
> [Markdown]:
> [Pandoc]:

I definitely prefer Markdown's approach to "inline markup" over POD's
approach: e.g., _italic_ strikes me as much more legible than

That said, Markdown doesn't go far enough in this regard, even with
the Pandoc revisions: for instance, there's nothing equivalent to C<>
or R<> in Markdown.  I'm very much in favor of revising Perl 6's
documentation system to more closely resemble Markdown; but I'd
strongly recommend going through the list of Pod 6 inline tags and
seeing how much of that can be reasonably implemented in a
Markdown-like fashion.

And Markdown gives you nothing in terms of determining how to go about
embedding documentation within a code file: for that, you'd still need
something along the lines of Pod 6's "=begin/=end", "=for", and even
"#=".  That said, if a Markdown-like syntax were to get implemented,
it might be possible to do away with documentation-specific
delimiters, relying instead on the standard comments.

I have more thoughts on this; but they'll have to wait for a bit.

Jonathan "Dataweaver" Lang

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