On Sat Feb 20 13:31:33 2010, masak wrote:
> <spinclad> rakudo: say False ~~ True
> <p6eval> rakudo ec47f3: OUTPUT«1␤»
> <masak> o.O
> <spinclad> (which is Worng)
> <colomon> alpha: say False ~~ True
> <p6eval> alpha 30e0ed: OUTPUT«1␤»
> <lue> pugs: say False ~~ True
> <p6eval> pugs: OUTPUT«␤»
> * masak submits rakudobug
> <masak> can't believe no-one caught this before.

No one caught this so far, because it's according to the spec. Read
http://perlcabal.org/syn/S03.html#Smart_matching :-)

Afaict this was the case so that

given $thing {
   when True { # always matches }

But we might wish to change that, and use

  when *

As the always matching alternative.

At least I'd find it more intuitive if smart-matching against Bool would
coerce the the LHS to Bool and then do a comparison, much like
smart-matching against strings and numbers work.

The downside is that then

given $thing {
    when some_function($_) { ... }

won't work as intuitively expected if $thing is false and some_function
returns True.

But IMHO this is not what smartmatching and given/when is meant for (at
least not primarily), so we could sacrifice this possible usage. But I
won't do so without permission from Larry.


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