Jon Lang wrote:
Remember also: we're putting together the Perl 6 core here; we need to
show some discretion in terms of what to include vs. what gets "farmed
out" to perl 6 modules.  I suspect that gaussian integers belong
firmly in the latter camp; as such, they are germane to discussions
about core features only to the extent that the core needs to
anticipate such things.

I agree, in general.

Presumably, the core doesn't have to have any roles built-in that aren't already composed into at least 2 core classes or roles, to keep things simpler.

I would expect that a third-party module should be able to effectively define a role that would conceptually cover both a core type as well as types of their own, which they can then use, even though the definition of the core type doesn't compose that role itself.

So then they get the same functionality, and the core stays simpler.

-- Darren Duncan

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