drakej wrote:
> I am looking to work on the test suite as part of the GSoC program.  I
> have a couple of questions, though, if somebody could help me out:
> The ideas page
> (http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?gsoc_2010_projects) spoke
> of the IO section needing quite a bit more work, is this referring to
> S32 - IO, or I/O in general?

To I/O in general.

> The TODO file in t/spec specified implementing tests for the filetest
> (:o, :R, :W, :X, etc.) methods.  Could clues to that implementation be
> found in similar tests being used for Perl 5? 

Yes; in the Perl 5 source tree there are for example

The S32-IO documents contain a huge amount of roles, which is probably
way over-engineered, and is likely to change. On the other hand we are
pretty sure that the open() function as shown in
http://perlcabal.org/syn/S32/IO.html#IO will likely stay that way (or
very similar). (Don't let that discourage you - Larry and I can tell you
which parts we consider "facts" and which parts are "speculations", so
it should be easy to avoid testing things that are likely to go away).

So if you consider writing up a gsoc proposal for IO testing, please
focus more on the straight forward features (like file tests, open(),
note(), printf() etc.) and less on the "engineered" part of S32::IO.
It might also be wise to chose a second topic - 11 weeks writing tests
for IO only might be boring, and I don't know if the specification
already has enough firm facts for 11 weeks worth of tests.


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