Carl Mäsak wrote:
Carl (>>), Darren (>):
[...] and the
'trusts' keyword hasn't been realized in any Perl 6 implementation so
I seem to recall that Pugs did support 'trusts' a few years ago, and that I
used it.  But I could be wrong. -- Darren Duncan

I stand corrected. A quick search through the Pugs sources shows that
Pugs at least parses the 'trusts' declaration.

I didn't get it to trust me, though:

<masak> pugs: class A { has $!foo }; class B { trusts A; method bar(A
$a) { say $a!foo } };
<p6eval> pugs: OUTPUT«␤»

Either it bitrotted or I'm using it wrong.

You're using it wrong. You need to put 'trusts B;' in A in order for B to see A's privates. I hope it is obvious why this is the case. -- Darren Duncan

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