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> [P6 Spec] completely changed S32::Temporal

What motivated these changes?

> +Time is just a jumbled iTem.


> +=item * 12hour
> +=item * 24hour

I don't like using strings for these.  Feels like they should be symbols,
but they they can't start with digits. Maybe "ampm" for 12-hour and "iso"
for 24-hour?

> (i.e. if $*CALENDAR is 'Gregorian' $*TODAY should be something like
> '12-31-10', depending on how things are formatted)

What determines how things should be formatted?  Using strings in code to
construct dates is bad - see AppleScript.  I'd much rather see you have to
specify  :year(), :month(), and :day().

+=item * Julian (the predecessor of Gregorian. NOT the astronomical Julian
> Year)

That's an awfully loud caveat, especially since it's incorrect.  The
astronomical Julian year is the mean year of the  predecessor of the
Gregorian calendar.  Since they're the same thing, confusing them is not
really a concern.

(Astronomers use the Julian calendar because a Julian century is a whole
number of days, whereas in the Gregorian calendar you have to get to 400
years before you have a repeatable whole-day cycle).

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