> We could make enum declarators even more like constant declarators
> by using a pseudo assignment.  Then we could use = instead of parens:
>    enum Perms = <Read Write Exec Fold Spindle Mutilate> Z=> 1,2,4...*;

Hmmmmmm. That doesn't seem very like constant declarators. In a
constant declarator,
the constant appears on the lhs and its value on the rhs. In this
proposal, the constants
all appear on the rhs, along with the values. Besides, enums are type
declarators, not
(just) object declarators, and no other type declarator uses a
pseudo-assignment, does it?

If we wanted enums to use something more like the constant declarator
syntax, I'd have thought:

    enum Perms <Read Write Exec Fold Spindle Mutilate> =  1,2,4...*;

was a much closer analog (and syntactically cleaner too).


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