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From: Alex Elsayed <>
Date: Wed, May 12, 2010 at 8:55 PM
Subject: Re: Ideas for a "Object-Belongs-to-Thread" threading model
To: Daniel Ruoso <>

You may find interesting a paper that was (at one point) listed
in the /topic of #perl6. The paper is:

"Combining Events And Threads For Scalable Network Services"

Steve Zdancewic and Peng Li, who wrote it, implemented their
proof of concept in Haskell, and I think it would mesh rather
well with the 'hybrid threads' GSoC project that Parrot is
undertaking. What's more, the proof-of-concept demonstrated
that it performed very well, well enough that the
threading/event abstractions were never a bottle neck even
up to 10M threads (for memory usage, this came out to 48bytes
per thread of overhead), and with >100 threads it outperformed
NPTL(pthreads)+AIO on IO.

It's also CPS based, which fits pretty well.

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