Author: lwall
Date: 2010-06-02 19:54:21 +0200 (Wed, 02 Jun 2010)
New Revision: 31052

[S02] add native blob types

Modified: docs/Perl6/Spec/S02-bits.pod
--- docs/Perl6/Spec/S02-bits.pod        2010-06-02 17:30:34 UTC (rev 31051)
+++ docs/Perl6/Spec/S02-bits.pod        2010-06-02 17:54:21 UTC (rev 31052)
@@ -1345,8 +1345,17 @@
 responds both to array and (some) stringy operations.  Note that,
 like a C<Buf>, its size is measured in whatever the base unit is,
 which is not always bytes.  If you have a C<my Blob[bit] $blob>,
-then C<$blob.elems> returns the number of bits in it.
+then C<$blob.elems> returns the number of bits in it.  As with buffers,
+various native types are automatically derived from native unsigned int types:
+    blob1       Blob[bit], a bit string
+    blob2       Blob[uint2], a DNA sequence?
+    blob4       Blob[uint4], a hex string
+    blob8       Blob[uint8], a byte string
+    blob16      Blob[uint16]
+    blob32      Blob[uint32]
+    blob64      Blob[uint64]
 These types do (at least) the following roles:
     Class       Roles

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