sorear (>):
> I request that:
> 1. Blank lines should not be interpreted as having 0 indentation.  Instead,
>   lines consisting entirely of horizontal whitespace should be ignored in
>   indent(*) considerations, and can be unindented by any amount.  Unindenting
>   a truly blank line has no effect.

Fair enough.

> 2. Indenting a blank line results in a blank line, not a line with only
>   whitespace.

What about indenting a line with only whitespace?

I think I can see use cases both for special-casing and for not
special-casing indenting empty lines. Perhaps that indicates that
this, too, should be a flag. :indent-empty-lines or something?

> 3. A variant of indent be provided which does not treat the first character
>   specially, perhaps named .indent(4 :hang) or .hang.

I fail to understand what 'does not treat the first character
specially' means here. Do you have an example?

// Carl

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