Aaron Sherman wrote:
The spec says, and NQP seems to implement (Rakudo, I think, picks up
<integer> from NQP as defined in HLL-s0.pir, is this right?) that a
single underscore is ignored between any two digits in a number, not
between the radix and the number. However, it seems to me that this
would be very handy:

 0b_1111_0000 instead of 0b1111_0000
 0x_dead_beef instead of 0xdead_beef
 0d_1_000_000 instead of 0d1_000_000

... just in terms of the clarity gain from keeping the radix at arms
length from the rest of the integer literal.

Just a thought.

It seems that Larry agrees, since he just patched the spec. :-)

I tried this change against parrot to test it out, but it didn't seem
to make any difference, so I must be missing something:

Unfortunately, you edited a (probably poorly marked as such) generated file.

The actual change would need to be made to nqp-rx - Parrot just keeps compiled copies of that in its repo. That can be found at:

And likely just needs a tweak to a Perl 6 grammar rule rather than some PIR hacking. :-)



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