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On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 04:55:38PM -0700, Darren Duncan wrote:
So, is "Rakudo Star" meant to be a parallel release series, sort of like Perl 5.12.x vs 5.13.x are now, or are the monthly Rakudo releases we've been seeing going to be named "Star" at some point? I thought I read recently that "Star" would be coming in June. -- Darren Duncan

Rakudo Star is a parrallel release series; however, it is not a series of
compiler releases, but a series of complete Perl 6 environments.  A
single release of Rakudo Star will contain:

- Some version of Rakudo (not necessarily a monthly)
- Some version of Parrot
- Some random libraries
- Documentation

all vetted to work OK together.

Ah, that's even better than I expected.

So then the experience to a Perl 6 user could be like the same opaque experience of installing Perl 5 or some other language, where the whole language implementation is together and a single configure/make/etc will take care of everything, and users don't have to know about the distinct Parrot+Rakudo+etc components if they don't want to, as they get the "perl" binary.

Will this package work on Windows too like Strawberry for Perl 5 (I'm not a Windows user but that's a valuable project), or just Unixen for now?

-- Darren Duncan

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