On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:29 AM, Richard Hainsworth
<rich...@rusrating.ru> wrote:
> Would it make sense to define $*FS as the implied local file system, and
> thus that a bare 'open' is sugar for
> my $fh = $*FS.open('/path/to/directory/filename', :r);
> This then means that there is an implicit
> $*FS.connect();
> that makes the local system available to the program.
> I wonder whether this would also be a way of unifying the program interface
> for difference Operating Systems, in that a program running on a *nix
> machine would have $*FS of type IO::Filesystem::POSIX, while $*FS for a
> Windows machine would have type IO::Filesystem::Windows, etc.
> Then it would be possible, as Aaron has suggested to have
> my $remote-fs = IO::Filesystem::Google.connect(%args);
> my $fh = $remote-fs.open($path-or-url, :r);
> and then treat $fh as specified elsewhere.
> Morover, it would then be possible to do
> $*FS = $remote-fs;
> I would propose that this sort of flexibility would be useful for programs
> that are embedded in other virtual environments, such as browser plugins, or
> programs intended to run on thin clients that do not have their own
> filesystems.

I like this idea. It's flexible and extendable but has sane defaults.


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