Author: tene
Date: 2010-07-20 20:35:35 +0200 (Tue, 20 Jul 2010)
New Revision: 31773

Fix minor typo

Modified: docs/Perl6/Spec/S03-operators.pod
--- docs/Perl6/Spec/S03-operators.pod   2010-07-20 03:45:37 UTC (rev 31772)
+++ docs/Perl6/Spec/S03-operators.pod   2010-07-20 18:35:35 UTC (rev 31773)
@@ -1741,7 +1741,7 @@
     @a minmax @b
 Returns a C<Range> from the minimum element of C<@a> and C<@b> to the maximum
-element. C<Range> elements in the input9 are treated as if their
+element. C<Range> elements in the input are treated as if their
 minimum and maximum values were passed individually, except that if the
 corresponding C<excludes> flag is set in Range, the excludes flag is also set
 in the returned C<Range>.

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