Jon Lang writes:

> Approaching this with the notion firmly in mind that infix:<..> is
> supposed to be used for matching ranges while infix:<...> should be
> used to generate series:
> With series, we want C< $LHS ... $RHS > to generate a list of items
> starting with $LHS and ending with $RHS.  If $RHS > $LHS, we want it
> to increment one step at a time; if $RHS < $LHS, we want it to
> decrement one step at a time.

Do we? I'm used to generating lists and iterating over them (in Perl 5)
with things like like:

  for (1 .. $max)

where the intention is that if $max is zero, the loop doesn't execute at
all. Having the equivalent Perl 6 list generation operator, C<...>,
start counting backwards could be confusing.

Especially if Perl 6 also has a range operator, C<..>, which would Do
The Right Thing for me in this situation, and where the Perl 6 operator
that Does The Right Thing is spelt the same as the Perl 5 operator that
I'm used to; that muddles the distinction you make above about matching
ranges versus generating lists.


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