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On 7/31/10 12:56 , David Green wrote:
> a boolean IS useful. The fact that this question keeps coming up,
> even on the p6l list, seems to demonstrate that the "helpful" way
> isn't completely natural or obvious (at least, not to everyone).

Thank you; *that* is the real point I was trying to make.  That, and that
special-casing one particular type is *not* actually helpful; it means I
must remember a special case, when one of the goals of Perl 6 was supposedly
to eliminate all the special cases in Perl 5, "helpful" or no.

(Maybe make it more concrete?  There's another discussion going on about how
"a" .. "b" should behave.  Arguably it is an argument about helpfulness
versus purity... and the decision is clearly in the direction of purity.
Why, then, is *this* in the direction of helpfulness at the expense of
purity?  It's just another arbitrary decision I have to remember instead of
a general rule.)

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