Hi folks,

I was inspired by Ksplice's recent article on traceroute [1] to write my own traceroute in Perl 6 - but came upon problems in that the current socket library does not seem to be complete enough.

I'd love to submit some patches for this, but after briefly discussing this with pmichaud in #perl6 [2] it sounds like I should ask here first for a little bit of guidance.

My current plan is to extend Parrot with the necessary functions (I've done getprotobyname to get my feet wet so far, but there are others such as setsockopt that need to be added) and then write Perl 6 code for this. pmichaud suggests this is not done inside Raduko, but as a separate module. I'm a little unsure about this though, as IO::Socket::* is already core - and that seems to be the correct place to be adding most of these functions. I added my "getprotobyname" implementation as a core subroutine, as it is in Perl 5 - but that also may not be the correct approach (maybe IO::Socket should export that).

Please advise, I'm eager to get hacking on this :)


[1]: http://blog.ksplice.com/2010/07/learning-by-doing-writing-your-own-traceroute-in-8-easy-steps/
[2]: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/perl6/2010-08-01#i_2649053

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