> Attached are a 3 very initial (skeletal in nature) Perl 6 .pod
> documents, based loosely on the Perl 5 documentation. It is my
> understanding that currently there is no P6-Pod reader e.g. "perl6doc"
> so these are actually written in P5-POD, but the intent is to
> eventually of course translate them to P6-Pod.

There is actually a Perl 6 version of perldoc, called "grok", which was
a Google Summer of Code project last year. It can be
installed from CPAN as App::Grok, which relies on Perl6::Doc . Perl6::Doc
is an bundled version of the Synopses and supporting material, but it has
not been updated from the Synopses in the Pugs repo, so it is a bit stale.

As for u4x, mentioned by moritz++, check out

This information is not intended to hinder your excitement, just
wanted you to know about prior art
and possibly helpful and related work.

Good luck and thanks for your efforts!


Jonathan "Duke" Leto

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