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On 8/4/10 21:26 , Darren Duncan wrote:
> jerry gay wrote:
>> are there codepoints in unicode that may be either upper-case or
>> lower-case, depending on the charset?  if so, then there's ambiguity
>> here, depending on the user's locale.  i suspect not, but languages
>> are strange beasts, and i don't know the answer.
> Just say that names consisting entirely of either ASCII-range uppercase
> letters or ASCII-range lowercase letters are reserved, and that names having
> either both of those or any of those plus non-ASCII letters are not reserved.
> The only way I see this being a problem is if we forsee that we might want
> to have official names going out of the ASCII repertoire, which I would
> recommend we don't.

For the first, you're also excluding scripts that lack the notion of case:
Hebrew and Arabic, and all of the ideograms, etc.

As to the latter, Perl 6 already has «» and ASCII equivalent <<>>; I would
expect similar would be possible and supported in this context.

(Yes, I know, I'm not helping.  Only thing that occurs to me is something
like "x-foobie:".)

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