On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 02:31:26PM +0200, Carl M?sak wrote:
> Ben (>):
> > If perl6 can statically (at compile time) analyse subroutines and
> > methods and determine if they're reentrant, then it could
> > automatically use the lightest weight threads when it knows that the
> > entry sub won't have side effects or alter global data.
> I'm often at the receiving end of this kind of reply, but...
> ...to a first approximation, I don't believe such analysis to be
> possible in Perl 6. Finding out whether something "won't have side
> effects" is tricky at best, squeezed in as we are between &eval,
> exuberant dynamism, and the Halting Problem.

If one knows what variables are shared, some degree of side effect
potential can be determined. But yes, in general, a tough problem.


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