The Pure and Declarative Syntax Defintion: Paradise Lost and Regained paper 
presented at Onward! 2010 talks about extensible grammars that are very 
similar to the grammars provided by/built into Perl 6:  it appears Perl 6 
already had the Paradise that the authors recently "regained"!

The work described is part of the Spoofax Language Workbench, "a platform for 
developing textual domain-specific languages with full-featured Eclipse editor 
With the Spoofax/IMP language workbench, you can write the grammar of your 
language using the high-level SDF grammar formalism. Based on this grammar, 
basic editor services such as syntax highlighting and code folding are 
automatically provided. Using high-level descriptor languages, these services 
can be customized. More sophisticated services such as error marking and 
content completion can be specified using rewrite rules in the Stratego 

This sounds very much like what has been envisioned for Perl 6.  I wonder if 
the Perl6 team can leverage (in the future) the work done for Spoofax?


Henry Baragar
Instantiated Software

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