S02:3185-3280 does a nice job of explaining what can and cannot be
done with the radix syntax (i.e. :2<1010> etc). I'm left with two
questions, however:

* If :2<1010> is the way to way to "interpret" a string as a number in
base two, giving the number 10 -- what's the way to go in the other

* What's the way to interpret a number of some *parameterized* base $r
? The syntax :$r<123> is legal, but doesn't have anything to do with
base conversion.

Both of these concerns have come up in the context of trying to solve
practical problems in Perl 6. The radix conversion syntax is nice, but
it feels like something is missing in the above two areas. Maybe a
generalized builtin or two?

// Carl

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