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When a subroutine is invoked with an empty parameter list, as follows:


sub run_stuff {
  my ($parm) = @_;
  say "Parameter is $parm";

@_[0] contains "Any()".

Should it?

Yes, but only because of the way you are inspecting it.

When run_stuff is called with no arguments, @_ is empty.
It does *not* contain an element with the value Any; it contains no elements at all.

When you ask for the value of a specific (and non-existent) element of the array,
you only see that the element has no defined value yet.
(The `Any` value in Perl 6 is like the `undef` value in Perl 5.)
The same will happen if you declared @foo, then asked for the value of @foo[42].

perl -MData::Dumper -e 'sub look { print Dumper scalar(@_), \@_, $_[0]; } look();'
   $VAR1 = 0;
   $VAR2 = [];
   $VAR3 = undef;
perl6 -e 'sub look { .say for @_.elems, @_.perl, @_[0].perl; }; look();'

Hope this helps,
Bruce Gray (Util)

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