On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 04:41:08PM -0700, Darren Duncan wrote:
> I believe the general solution to this problem is to make all
> objects immutable, with the only exception being explicit
> references, and so mutating an object isn't an option; rather you
> have to derive a new object.
> "Values" of all types should be immutable, even if that type is
> Array or whatever, and only "Variables" should be mutable.
> ...

To make sure I understand correctly, you're essentially
saying that @a.push(3) should not modify @a directly -- someone
would have to write something like

     @a = @a.push(3)  # or @a .= push(3)

And to do a "shift", one would have to do something like
   ($value, @a) = @a;
since @a.shift would be unable to mutate the array.  (I'm not 
exactly sure what pop would look like.)

Is that correct?


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