Hello Estarde,

(since I'm the 'new' guy in the community, I think only I have the energy
to explain it to you :-)

Well, try to think of Perl 6 as a human. Of course you can change a
person's name, but who will go to the trouble of it all? eh? After all, we
all know how some Mr. XYZ father likes to name his son as XYZ, Jr. And we
accept the trifle confusions it creates.
It has been now almost 12 years since Perl6's conception, renaming it will
be like renaming a person. A whole lot of confusion...

Your problem is, the second you see '6', you instantly think of it as
'5+1'. Had Larry Wall named it 'Perl 666' you would never have stumbled on
the name :p

I suggest you just accept it.

That said, please don't let a name come between you and a wonderful
programming language. After all, Wordsworth has said, "What's in a name?"

>"In the Perl 6 world, we make a distinction between the language
> ('Perl 6') and specific implementations of the language such as
> 'Rakudo Perl'.
> Seriously, this is a ridiculous and unnecessary qualification (IMO).
> The most it should say is something like, "Rakudo is the reference
> implementation of the OpenPerl (formerly known as Perl 6).

Rakud is not _the_ reference implementation of Perl 6. Actually, there is
no reference implementation for Perl 6. There never will be. Whoever wants
to make a perl6 implementation is free to do so. Just follow the spec and
you get to label your compiler as a Perl6 implementation. yay !

>For that matter, I also shouldn't have to be hit with the fact that
>it's built on Parrot. We don't have to get reminded that Java is based
>on a JVM each time it's mentioned. Let's let that fade to the
>background, too. (Yes it's cool, but language enthusiasts will soon
>discover this on their own).

That's just our hubris leaking through. "We made a VM just for Perl 6!".
Which by the way, can now actually run several other languages.

> Sorry if all of this has been bandied about before, but if you're
Yes, it has been. But we don't mind.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask more here or on the
perl6-users mailing list or the #perl6 IRC Channel on freenode.net. #perl6
is a great place to hangout and learn. I go by the name of 'sisar' there.


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