On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 12:01 AM, Peter Scott <pe...@psdt.com> wrote:

> We need multiple paths.  The term "beginner" creates problems

I meant "beginner" with respect to Perl 6, but I think that Peter
basically paraphrased my arguments about the problem.

Although programming experience is an important variable, after one's
third (or so) language, especially among related languages like the C
family, there are few surprises, just choices. How much complexity the
learner wishes to absorb depends on the level of their problem.

There is no point in offering solutions more complicated than the
original issue, especially to someone who would really rather not be
solving them in the first place. (You might be surprised at the number
of people who will assert that "I'm not really a programmer", in a
tone that suggests it's a social status only slightly above
"paedophile".) They program because their real job requires it.

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