Something (PyPy et al) got me wondering, is it a goal in the Perl community before too long to have a (compiling) implementation of Perl 6 written entirely in Perl 6? Meaning, that at some point the entire non-optional codebase of the Perl 6 compiler (not just the parser) would be written in pure Perl 6? This doesn't necessarily have to produce machine language; it could be another language that needs compiling itself externally, but the point is that the entire process of producing that target language out of Perl 6 would be written in Perl 6. I know does this for the parsing portion, but I'm wondering about the rest. (Maybe the all-Perl-6 version would also eventually be able to produce the fastest running Perl 6 programs too, because it is easiest to write Perl 6 analysers/optimizers/etc in, corresponding to PyPy as I understand it.) -- Darren Duncan

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