At 11:41 -0400 8/20/13, yary wrote:
>I'll bite... this concept of "commensurablity" is not one I grasp from
>your email.
>"functions are (sugarably) degenerate (many to 1) relations and
>procedures are (sugarably) degenerate (state-transition) functions."
>Perl & many other languages don't have a strong distinction between
>functions & procudures (as I'm sure you know), 

> ***** a "function" is a subroutine returning a scalar  ( see below)

>, a "procedure" is a subroutine with no
>return value, side-effects only. A subroutine returning many values- a
>parcel of containers, perhaps, or an iterator, etc- is a
>"many-to-many" relation. I understand "relational algebra" from
>decades of SQL work, and have seen ORM's replicate relations in object
>systems with some success. What's missing for creating a relational
>wonderland in perl6?

I confess.  I'm here because I hoped perl 6 would do vector operations after 
reading an early small book.

I would really like to see perl support a function called a cross product that 
would return a vector, the product of amplitudes and the sine of the angle 
between them, as a vector using the <>  notation.  That's not a scalar!  But i 
surely would be commensurate with the input arguments.

It's still FORTRAN forever for physics, electrical engineering, and global 


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